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mandevu beard care

A thick gorgeous mane is every bearded man’s dream. To communicate Mandevu’s beard care products we played on the perception that you could get a thick lustrous beard that could even rival the hair on your head, if you used the right product. To say that a spike in sales curled our client’s hair would be a perfect way to use that idiom.

  • Category: Print & Digital
  • Year: 2017
  • Client: Mandevu

key insight

A beard doesn’t just take care of itself.

Facial hair grooming in Kenya was not as common as it is today, as most men didn’t spend much time futzing about their appearance, as that’s often seen as a ‘feminine’ thing to do.

A beard is a signature for manliness. But much like the hair atop your head, and a muscular physique, maintaining it needs work.